Part of the new statewide COLORADO AIDS Project
Part of the new statewide COLORADO AIDS PROJECT
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Support Services and Programs

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Support Services and Programs

A number of programs and services are available to qualified individuals. Below is a listing of programs and services. Contact a Medical Case Manager for the most up- to-date information.

Bilingual Spanish-speaking case managers are available.

Medical Case Management – A medical case manager can help individual determine if they qualify for any of the following programs.

Peer Support Program – Learn how to manage your health and the health care system from individuals living with HIV. The Peer Support Program focus is "To serve, support and grow with self-management and peer mentoring for people who are HIV+ by People who are HIV+ through active empowerment and education.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) – The Colorado AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is a program to provide AIDS-specific medications at no cost on an outpatient basis to Colorado residents who qualify for the program.

How do you qualify for ADAP?

There are five qualifications for the program**:

  1. You must be a Colorado resident.
  2. You must have proof of HIV positive diagnosis from a doctor or testing facility.
  3. You must be at or below 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.
  4. You must not be eligible for any other medical insurance through which you would be able to access medications in an affordable manner. The Ryan White ADAP system must be the payer of last resort.
  5. If you are on Medicaid, you must access HIV medications through that program.

** Check in with a medical case manager for up-to-date program changes.

Health Insurance Assistance Program

The Health Insurance Assistance Program is designed to assist individuals living with HIV/AIDS maintain access to their existing private health insurance or COBRA benefits.  The insurance coverage must provide “creditable” pharmaceutical  coverage, and be cost-neutral to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) to provide the same coverage.  This program has the extra benefit of providing access to medical treatment for its participants.

How do you qualify for the Insurance Program**?

** Check in with a medical case manager for up-to-date program changes.

Housing Opportunities for People living with AIDS (HOPWA) – The Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program provides housing assistance designed to alleviate or prevent homelessness for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Food Pantry – Nutritional Assistance – The S-CAP Food Pantry program provides for basic food supplies, nutritional supplements and items for basic hygiene. The food pantry program is open to all of S-CAP's clients who have demonstrated financial need. S-CAP works with food pantries outside El Paso County to support client needs. Additionally, food vouchers are available to clients outside of El Paso County. Nutritional supplements are available to individuals with medical documentation.

Medical Transportation Assistance – Clients who are without adequate transportation, or who qualify financially, may meet the requirements for gas vouchers or taxi/bus assistance for medical care.

Emotional support – The diagnosis of and challenges of living with HIV/AIDS can be extremely difficult. Individuals living with the disease may feel isolated and overwhelmed with multiple barriers to health and success. These challenges can often result in depression, anxiety, and overall mental health concerns that sometimes go undiagnosed and untreated.

Counseling is provided in a non-judgmental accepting environment by licensed therapists familiar with the complex issues associated with HIV/AIDS. Support groups are available in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Emergency Financial Assistance – Seek financial assistance before you get yourself into a situation in which you are desperate for money. It's most important to be able to cover your medical-care expenses. However, you must also take care of the other areas of your life, such as housing and bills. S-CAP medical case managers can help people develop budgets and identify additional options. In order to receive emergency financial assistance you must have a current proof of residence, proof of income, a current budget and proof of the expense you are asking to be covered. Access to emergency financial assistance and/or housing is limited by grant eligibility requirements.

Workshops & Educational Programs – Throughout the year, S-CAP hosts workshops and educational programs for clients and their families. Most all programs are provided at no charge. Programs include, HIV Medical issues, Nutritional support, Financial Overviews, Recreational and Holistic programs.

Medical & Professional Referrals

S-CAP Medical Case Managers can help clients with professional referrals. Not all referrals are available in each county.

Updated on January 28, 2013